International Orders

Postage and Handling to Foreign Countries

  1. You can e-mail or fax us your order.
  2. We will take the materials to the post office, have them weighed, and then e-mail or fax you the total amount for your order including postage and handling.
  3. For your convenience, we are now offering two payment methods:
  • We are now offering a BRAND NEW OPTION: Western Union!

    Go to your nearest Western Union and send the Total Amount for your order to John Carver - Baltimore, Maryland.

    Next, PLEASE email the Money Transfer Number so we are aware that you have completed your transaction.


  • You can purchase a Bank Check or International Money Order.

    You can purchase an Official Bank Check or BANK DRAFT drawn in US dollars at your local bank. The check must be drawn on a United States bank.

    Or you can also go to the post office or a bank and get an International Money Order drawn on a United States bank.

    Mail us the order, along with the Bank Check or International Money Order for the total amount of your order, including the shipping and handling fees.

    Your order will be handled, as if you had sent us cash, so within 14 days, we should be able to have your order in the mail to you.

In HIS service,
John & Edna Carver