Important Product Information

Video Format

All our videos are in VHS format. We do not have any videos on the PAL system.

Audio/Video Quality

Most of our material is of excellent quality. However, you must remember that in the 1950's and 60's, 16 mm films and tape recordings on reel to reel tapes were very inferior to products on the market today. Back then, they didn't even have high fidelity, much less stereo. At times the video tape may seem to be out of focus, jump, have static, or lack sound. This is not due to the copying process, but it is contained in the original 16 mm film from which the video tape was taken. On the audio tapes you may detect an occasional surface noise or volume variation due to transmission problems so common to old radio. We hope, however, that any variance in audio or video quality will not take away from your pleasure in listening to these anointed messages.

Returns/Refund Policy


All audio and video products are reproductions of originals--some as old as 50 years. Audio/video standards and quality of that era were far different than today's high-tech productions. Our technical department warrants each product to be of equal quality as the originals.


Any error in our reproduction will result in immediate free replacement if you, the consumer, notify us within thirty (30) days and return the product postage paid. Our technical department will verify the defect claim within 10 days of receipt. If the product is a gift, you must provide the name and address of the giver, along with the date of purchase.


All sales are final. There are no refunds due to personal satisfaction of quality or content.