Faith Outreach

John W. Carver, Jr. Senior Pastor
John W. Carver, Jr. Archivist & Pastor

“God has given me the privilege, over the past forty plus years to dig for some of the hidden treasures of our Christian heritage. He’s allowed me to acquire a collection of Christian materials, now known as the Faith Outreach Archives, which has been appraised by Dr. David Bundy, as ‘one of the best in the world’ on the Healing Movement.”

Faith Outreach Chapel

Our church is focused on helping “regular folks” (like you and me) realize why they were born in the first place, to encourage those who are struggling in life’s journey and to provide answers to life’s challenges. We, like you, are trying to figure out why we are here and what our purpose is in this life. We’re asking the same questions, searching for the same answers, and struggling with the same issues. We live in the same community and deal with the same problems. We’re concerned about our futures and our finances, our families and our friends, and all the things involved in everyday life.

At Faith Outreach Chapel we use the Bible as our Guide. The Bible is the greatest book ever written. In it, God Himself speaks to us. It is a book of divine instruction. It offers comfort in sorrow, guidance in perplexity, advice for our problems, rebuke for our sins, and daily inspiration for our every need. The Bible is God’s inspired revelation to man. Having a working knowledge of the Bible is the best way to find your purpose in life, and it will help you find the answers you are searching for.

Our service is non denominational and all are welcome.

About Us Archive

We invite you to learn how we obtained the archives and why they’re so important.

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