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Most of our material is of excellent quality. However, you must remember that in the 1950’s & 1960’s, the 16MM films and tape recordings on reel-to-reel tapes were very inferior to products on the market today. Back then, they didn’t even have high fidelity, much less stereo. At times the DVD may seem to be out of focus, jump, have static, or lack sound. This is not due to the copying process, but it is contained in the original 16MM film from which the DVD was taken. On the audio tapes and CDs, you may detect an occasional surface noise or volume variation due to transmission problems so common to old radio. We hope, however, that any variance in audio or picture quality will not take away from your pleasure in listening to these anointed messages

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The Life and Ministry of A. A. Allen: Including the full texts of “My Cross” and “God’s Man of Faith and Power”

The Life and Ministry of A. A. Allen

Complete original texts of GOD’S MAN OF FAITH AND POWER by Lexie Allen and MY CROSS by A. A. Allen.

Includes introduction by John W. Carver Jr and Forword by Dr. David Edwin Harrell.

Also include photo section of 16 rare and candid Allen photos.