A. A. Allen

Preministerial And Christian Workers Bible College Correspondence Courses

Health – Healing – Holiness

Faith that moves mountains springs from the depths of a soul that is at peace: at peace with God, with itself, with the members of its household, and with those that are without.

A. A. Allen
There are Hindrances to Faith

The Holy Ghost Baptism and the Gifts of the Spirit

To grow spiritual fruit we must learn to overcome. This is usually a gradual process, and it may take many lessons from our loving and patient Father. Only by yielding to His teaching and obeying His Word can we ever grow much of this precious fruit in our lives.

A. A. Allen
The Gifts of the Word of Wisdom, the Word of Knowledge and Discerning of Spirits

How to Have God’s Faith – God Can!

You are in a race. You must make a perfect score. You will never win this race by quitting when you are half through. Seventy-five per cent isn’t enough. Ninety-nine and one-half per cent isn’t enough. You are going to have to run all the way if you come through shouting the victory.

A. A. Allen
Is Your Faith a Finished Product?

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