About Us

John W. Carver, Jr.

John Carver, Jr. has been ministering the Gospel since 1969. He is Founder of Faith Outreach Chapel and curator of Faith Outreach Archives. John’s heart has always been in evangelism, and he has preached the “Good News” in many churches across America.

Faith Outreach Archives is a collection of over 100 Healing Ministries that has taken over 30 years and a great amount of sacrifice to gather. To acquire some of these materials John has taken over 50 trips to many different sections of the United States, Canada, and even England.

While in the process of gathering this information; John has had the opportunity to meet many deliverance ministers and/or their families, especially those ministers who were involved in The Voice of Healing ministry. Some of the great men and women of God that he has met and/or interviewed include: A. A. Allen, Lexie Allen, David Nunn, Gayle Jackson, Clifton Erickson, Velmer Gardner, C. M. Ward, Mrs. Freda Lindsay, R. W. Schambach, Oral Roberts, and T. L. Osborn. John has also had the privilege of meeting some family members of these great men of God: William Branham, Jack Coe, Myer Pearlman, and Dr. Charles S. Price.

Studying the lives and ministries of these great men and women of God has helped John understand the mechanics of ministry, and God is using him mightily through preaching, teaching, and the prophetic gifts to bring miracles of healing and deliverance to hurting people. God also uses John uniquely in training ministers to find their “place” in the Body of Christ, operate in the gifts of the Spirit, and move “with the anointing.”